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American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens

Posted by dflak07 on February 13, 2008

Same kind of scam. I couldn’t find significant information on them other than:

They refuse to answer Better Business Bureau routine questions about thier operations. You have to register with them to see their Form 990. gives them a one out of four stars for a rating. There are other police related charities with 4-star ratings.

Also if you donate, you must contact them to opt-out of having your name sold to advertisers.

The seem to be active in supporting the death penalty, gun ownership and other conservative causes. (It doesn’t matter what I think of these issues, but doing it under the guise of charity is nothing short of deceipt).

FEATURE/WORTH Magazine list the top 100 charities and the 12 to avoid. AFPCC is in the latter group.

ARKANSAS A group known as the American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens Inc. agreed on Oct. 17 to repay a total of $21,500 and more accurately describe its solicitation efforts. Attorney General Winston Bryant said the group, which solicited money by mail, had led consumers to believe their donations were going to aid widows and orphans of slain police officers in their local area. (

For more info see


One Response to “American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens”

  1. Don Yeker said

    Who is the president of the AFPCC and where are they located? What is the web address? I want to visit it to check this out. Are they in florida, georgia and alabama or is this a national fund?

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